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Nov 21, 2015

​Away @ Pinewood

Away @ Pinewood this Saturday, although due to the wet week beforehand a change of venue to our training venue at Edgebarrow.

Our form is remaining strong and the team are performing superbly, creating space, inspired passing and attacking play while remaining solid at the back, fantastic to watch. And what a game this one was. A rollercoaster of the old emosh. Going behind, drawing level with a Terry Henry esque outside foot pass into goal by Isaac, followed by another three of crackers from the team we were looking good by the last quarter when we took our eye off the game and in the words of Neil Berry we fell apart like a cheap watch letting in 2 in quick succession. The tension!!

But LeFurby had a lace incident to slow the game giving us the chance to regroup and we came back like a team possessed and looked for more net action. Fantastic to the final whistle we held strong and remained on top.

What a morning, a strong showing and brilliant to see the team grow. 

Tell you what though, it was a tad on the chilly side, still waiting to get the feeling back in my toes…
Its a game of 4 halves.