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Sep 08, 2018

2018-19 is underway

New (football) year, new season, new size pitches and goals, and offside!!

Match one saw us away at Bracknell Town in their stadium on the astroturf. Oh the glamour of Bracknell. New shopping centre, a choice of Greggs or Ozzies Kebabs near the dump and an actual football stadium.

It was our first league game in the U11's format. A rigourous summer break of Fortnite, pasties, all you can eat buffet's and generally not kicking balls paid off.

We played well & held it together to record a slight goal deficit at the end. More importantly I had 2 coffee's from the bar (yes an actual indoor bar) and liked the astroturf as i didn't have to steam clean the back seat of the car after the drive home (no mud you see) so all in a good start to the season.

Next week we are home at the theatre of dreams.