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Dec 05, 2015

The return home

After what has seemed a long time on the road with back to back away fixtures it was a welcome return to the home stadium of St Crispin’s.

Yes we were in the windy embrace of Storm Desmond as he gusted through woky but it’s always good to return home. Parts of woky had been savaged overnight, fences had been downed, leaves blustered about, and playing left to right (from the science stand) Desmond was giving an advantage. But all was good.  A home match always means the blue and white army swelled in the stands, home support + the usual travelling support. Chants of “SHOE” rang out, “ooh’s” and “ahhh’s” and “Come on Ashridge” throughout. A strong home support + the usual high quality standard from the catering team.

As the year draws to an end its good to see the squad coming together and again playing as a unit, instinctive attacking play, developing into a fluid passing style favoured on the South Coast and mainland europe rather than the long ball game. Under 8′s park have developed well into a poetic team who are good to watch, although at times the passing game does bring its own tensions when pinned down in our own box and calls of “OUT OUT OUT” are heard when a long hoof would be welcome, but they admirably stick to the tactics, maintain the style and insist on passing not leathering it.

So to the game itself, the big event. Just the one manager this week with Ed holding court, the team started well. The first quarter was well controlled, and in Ashridge’s favour. Starting with a goal. Style, passion, a nutmeg and a great finish. As the next two quarters played, Ascot came on strong, like the shamen. 

Equalling the game and then pulling ahead. Ashridge stayed firm, always playing well and keeping the game tight. Jack in the nets was particularly effective and controlled his area with strength and stature. We had a goal blow away, 2 lost boots, a smattering of drop balls and end to end action. 

By Q4 the tension was high, the game was on a knife edge, the stands were vocal in their support, for both sides. Hats off to the away support for the bants.

By the end it was a win to Ascot, and a brilliant game to watch. Another thoroughly enjoyable match. Well done the boys, and congrats to Ascot.