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Feb 20, 2016

West byfleet U18 3 v 1 U17 Park

Another back to the wall display. We started with 10 and finished with 9. We conceded 3 bizarre goals (for different reasons) having taken the lead. The match turned on a unbelievable chain of events in the second half.

We played with the conditions in the first half but did not use them very well. The second half started, the match was goalless, and we faced the strong wind and the sloping pitch - one feared the worse. Fatigue was bound to set in as we coped with one man short.

In fact we took the lead when Jordan’s run and cross was turned in at the far post by Will. The equaliser came 7 minutes later when a free kick was awarded against us for an act of God (it must have been as no one saw anything!). The free kick was played into the box and was missed by everyone except the back of the net.

Then the turning point the ball was played into the area - Dan had it covered but was given a two handed shove in the back by one of their players (which was seen by everyone including the home supporters but not the ref from 10 yards away). Consequently Dan lost the ball and was adjudged to have fouled the opposition player, penalty says the ref. The penalty was successful. Dan had taken a mouthful of water and stupidly squirted the water at the penalty taker who was gloating. The referee did not see this, he admitted that fact, but on the rather loud word of the home team manager then sent Dan off!!! Now Dan was wrong and by the letter had to be sent off, but if the referee does not see the incident is the word of the home team manager good enough evidence? You all know the answer……………

Down to 9 men we still battled away before conceding a third towards the end. A great battling display against the odds, its just a shame we have to do this quite often.