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Dec 19, 2015

Desperation to Delight!!!

Under 17 Park played only their second match in 7 weeks, away against Abbey Rangers. Due to various circumstances we started the match with just 9 players. To the players fantastic spirit the 21 minutes that passed until the 10th player arrived the match was still goalless. We played the rest of the match with 10 men.
We more than matched our opponents in the first half creating on equal number of chances. One move worthy of mention saw 6 one touch passes create an opportunity which just went wide. Unfortunately, on the stroke of half time we conceded to go a goal down.

Undaunted, heads remained high, and we equalised 10 minutes into the second half when a foul led to a penalty which was converted. The home side went ahead again within 5 minutes. Still the team battled on and to be fair the last 20 minutes were all Ashridge but the ball would not break our way in the opponents area.

With a minute to go another corner floated into the box which was punched away by a defender, a second penalty. Again calmly converted and we had a draw.

One of the best performances ever and not just for giving 110% but for playing the better football for 90 minutes despite our numerical disadvantage,

I deliberately did not mention any individual in the report for obvious reasons.

So well done to SAM, HARNAAM, DAVID, FINLEY, GLYN, MATT, JACOB, AASHAY, JORDAN & WILL……………………. and also to Neil who suffered most from the emotions headlined.

Footnote: Why were we so short on players?  Some have taken jobs on Saturday maybe due to the fact we played so few games recently. They need to be playing 2 out of every 3 weeks at least, when there are such big gaps between matches they find other things to do, as they have!